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Create an Aspire Training Organization Account to keep track of all of the trainers in your organization.  You'll also gain access to the Statewide Training Calendar where you can post your trainings publically, print certificates, track attendance and more!


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Keeping track of  professional development events, your employment history, and other milestones in your career is an important professional responsibility. With Aspire, you can list information about what you studied in school, the positions you've held, and any special credentials or certificates that you've earned. Not to mention, you need an Aspire Profile to take advantage of the Statewide Training Calendar or become an Aspire approved trainer.

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Approved Trainer Types:

One of the ways that New York Works for Children works to provide early childhood professionals with access to high quality education and training opportunities is to ensure that professional development is provided by qualified trainers, coaches and consultants.  To this end, New York Works for Children approves four types of trainers; Aspire-Registered; Verified; Professional Development Specialists; and Content Specialists.

Trainer Types


Post and Track the PD you deliver:

With an Aspire Trainer Profile, you can set up searchable professional development events using the Statewide Training Calendar, print certificates and sign-in sheets for the training you provide, and even track attendance. All events can be posted on the public search calendar, and are given an Professional Development Level based on both the content of the event and the level of the trainer delivering the event.

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Aspire Resources:

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